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We are UK resellers for Magnetic CRM - the CRM system for agencies and professional services
Magnetic CRM
Looking for a New CRM System?

CRM for Agencies

Looking for a CRM system for your agency? Our CRM solution is designed for agencies - look no further than Magnetic.

Looking for a new CRM System?

Looking for a new CRM system for your business? We can help select the right CRM software for your company

Is Customer Retention Important for You?

If customer retention is an important part of your business strategy, then our marketing and CRM processes could be what you are looking for?

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CRM Deployment!

Are you managing your customers well? Do you have a CRM (customer relationship management) system?  As an agency you have particular needs, like time-tracking, billing and project management. Wrap this up with client and opportunity management and you have everything you need to run your business. Please take to time to visit our prices page - we think you will be pleasantly surprised. 

If you are at the stage in your business where you are looking for your first CRM system or you've outgrown your existing software, then we can help. Our step by step methodology is designed to guide you through the process of selecting the right package for you. Once the CRM application is selected, we can help with the implementation, deployment and usage.

Manage Your Clients With Ease

Put Your CRM On Automatic

Let us help you capture, convert and keep customers

Magnetic CRM UK Reseller

A brilliant CRM solution for agencies and professional services


Integrated CRM Module with unique automation features that help you stay on top of  sales

Simple Booking

Easily create cost estimates and invoices to ensure you keep track of your income

Mobile App

Native mobile app for iPhone and Android lets you continue to work while on the road

Easy Time Tracking

Tracking time on jobs helps you understand where hours are being spent

Project Mangement

Collaborate with teams from anywhere at any time with real time data at your finger tips

CRM for Digital Marketing Agencies

CRM to help you capture, convert and keep customers