Independant CRM Consultancy
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We help companies with the selection, project management, deployment and enhancement of Customer Relationship Management software 

CRM Selection Process

Unsure which CRM is right for your company? We offer a truly independent service, matching you with the right system for your business. 

Project Management - CRM Style

This service is for companies that have already embarked on a CRM project and need help internally. We'll liaise with your software supplier and your internal team and ensure that every aspect of the project is delivered. 

Already have an established CRM in place?

Are you making the most of your current CRM? Are your sales teams using your CRM? We can help you get a return on your investment. 

The Full Service

Our CRM consultancy covers every aspect of the CRM cycle, from the selection of a new system, through the deployment, project management and enhancement of your existing system.  

Our project methodology aims to maximises the return-on-investment of CRM projects by ensuring the success deployments. The methodology includes detailed documents at each phase in a project. Instead of following a steady, linear approach with well-defined milestones, we have adopted a more rapid, adaptive approach to achieving lasting change. In this approach the project is completed in short increments with several iterations in each increment. Incremental means creating something one section at a time and integrating the pieces a little as you go.

Flowbird projects include the following phases in each increment:

  1. Discover the readiness and needs of stakeholders
  2. Define the increment scope, objectives and requirements
  3. Design the solution to meet the requirements.
  4. Develop integrated technology solutions
  5. Deploy new solutions to the stakeholders
Why you need a CRM for your Sales Team

Our project methodology, produces a number of documents throughout the life cycle of our sales and consulting engagements with our clients. Clear, concise project documentation is vital to the success of any project. Good documentation allows everyone to understand the subject matter, even if they were not initially involved in the project.

Selection Process

This is the interview part of the process. Also known as the discovery phase. Here we spend time with your understanding your objectives and requirements, both long term and short term. We put together a brief which is circulated with up to 25 different CRM partners and vendors. We then help you whittle this down into a small, more manageable list. At every stage of the process we are on your side. 

Our intention is to reduce the list down to 5 or 6 suitable companies and invite them for an initial meeting to discuss your requirements and their offering. This list is whittled down to just 2 or 3 suitable companies, that can technically delivery the required solution but also where you feel you have rapport. The part of the process is the full demonstration. We generally provide sample data and prepare a demonstration script for the software vendor. The purpose of the script is to ensure that all of the demonstrations follow a similar path and cover the key aspects of your business requirements.

Hopefully after the demonstration, a selection is made and we proceed to the negotiation and subsequent purchase and deployment.

Deployment Process

Before embarking on any CRM project it is in everyone’s interest to define and agree on the project deliverables. Depending on the complexity of your CRM deployment different approaches may be taken and we aim to provide guidance on selecting the correct one for given requirements.


Consultancy Services Providing a Solution

Consultancy Services

Here we are referring to the kind of deployment that consists of working with your chosen software vendor as your internal project manager. Our aim is to ensure that the deployment meets your initial requirements, that data from any legacy systems are transferred correctly and change control and training for your users is clearly delivered. 

Providing a Solution

In the case where we having been through the selection process with you, it is expected that a project definition is produced by your chosen software vendor. This is normally prior to the final quotation phase in order to ascertain in some detail what is involved in the project. It may also involve a proof of concept to ensure delivery can be met.

A typical project definition headed “Business Process Analysis” will consist of:

Issue Control & sign-off area

It is expected that technical and financial authorities will sign-off the agreed solution/deliverables.


Define the business process and how we’ve reached the need for a new CRM solution. What are the project drivers?

Vision and Scope/requirements

Mission statement – what is the envisaged solution. At a top level define what is within the scope of the project and that which is outside scope with emphasis on anything that could easily be misrepresented or assumed in those boundaries. Define the requirements.


Identify and/or review the high level requirements and selected business processes that will be required to be interfaced. This must include frequency, data and volume information. Special attention to access and security must be given where sensitive data is involved.

Proposed Solution

Document the solution definition including business flow charts and a potential task list.


Break down of costs and any ROI calculations.

This is a general outline, though in most cases your software vendor will provide their own documentation.

Enhancement Process

Are you managing your customers well? Do you have a CRM software solution already in place?  Are your users' using your CRM system?

We can help enhance your CRM system, by making it work for you. Our strategy is to make the information that your users need to do their job available through the CRM system. We aim to reduce their workload, giving them more time to spend selling and marketing. 

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