We can help your company get the best out of its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. We can help introduce marketing automation to improve your sales cycle and grow and retain your customer base. 

Email Marketing

Send newsletters, design beautiful email campaigns, and keep in touch with your contacts and customers.

Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing channels using personal and behavioural data about your contacts.

Sales & CRM

Get more leads and close deals faster with our refreshing new take on customer relations.

Sales & CRM

Attracting sales leads and converting them into closed deals is the life-blood of a successful online business.

Whether you manufacture plumbing components or sports equipment, knowing how to draw high value customers into your sales funnel is an essential skill. Here are some of the ways that small and medium sized B2B firms can convert casual web browsers into loyal customers.

Create a Slick Sales Funnel to Ensure Efficient Lead Capture

There’s no point in creating high quality content without a sales funnel in place to capture the hits that content creates. The sales funnel refers to the process that users go through, from reading your blog or entering your site, to learning about products, entering their personal details and making a purchase.

Ideally, all of these steps should be linked – which is where lead capture specialists can provide useful advice. Inbound marketing requires a sensitive approach to constructing web pages, keeping in mind how customers feel and the kind of information they are looking for.

Take A Fresh Look at Customer Relations

At Flowbird, we are experts in devising innovative ways for companies to attract more leads and to turn the interest of customers into a reliable revenue stream using sales and CRM knowledge.

We can advise on e-mail marketing, content creation and lead capture strategies, and find an e-commerce solution that suits your firm's unique needs. The end result will be leads, sales and loyal customers, the ideal basis for sustainable online success.

E-mail marketing is one of the best ways to create a bond between your customers and your firm, but it needs to be done well. Professionally written, personalised messages can arouse interest and improve customer relations. Poorly thought out marketing campaigns can turn clients off and ruin a firm’s online reputation, so enlisting expert e-mail marketers is essential.

Marketing Automation

Automation is the wave of the 21st century, driving up efficiency and making firms more productive than ever.

Most of the time, when we think about automation, factories spring to mind. However, exactly the same methods can be applied to the marketing strategies of small and medium sized B2B firms. Flowbird's products can be used to automate your customer relations, timing e-mail marketing content with complete precision. They can automate invoicing and sort sales leads into different categories. They can implement blogging schedules to deliver content in a timely fashion, and they can keep your social media presence slick and relevant.

Why Use Automated Marketing Tools?

The main reason to implement marketing automation is purely economic. Automation tools can drive down the cost of marketing and managing your customer relations, minimising the need for human intervention. In the process, automated marketing packages free up the minds of your staff to act creatively and decisively, instead of being bogged down in mundane operations that can be carried out by software. Staff can then be free to analyse the data produced by our software, refining their marketing channels and building lucrative relationships with high value clients.

Manage Customers With Cutting Edge Automation Software

 Automation enables firms to micro-manage their customer relations like never before. Sales leads can be collated in easy to navigate client databases, and each individual client can be automatically placed in a category based upon their sales potential. Elements of customer support can also be automated, delivering useful responses to common queries without the need for manual interaction.

Most importantly, customers can be provided with messaging that is tailored to their needs, based upon knowledge about their past purchasing behaviour. With data about their personal and behavioural data, you can build up a detailed picture of who your contacts are - every single one of them.

Promote Your Brand Identity Automatically 

With that knowledge, Flowbird’s automation solutions can help to create a distinctive, reputable online brand without the need to focus on every individual Tweet or blog posting. With automated blogging, your content can be posted at regular intervals, and at times when they can achieve maximum exposure. Every blog or video that you create can also be automatically posted across your social media channels, amplifying its power.

Any communications that you send out as part of e-mail marketing campaigns can also be automatically personalised, creating a bond between individual customers and your firm, and promoting repeat purchases in the process.

Keep Your Sales Effort Slick

Sales teams can also be provided with automated schedules, so that they never miss an appointment, reply to all customer queries promptly and chase up invoices as quickly as possible. With Flowbird’s automation software, small and medium sized firms can benefit from the responsiveness provided by large sales teams, even if they only have a few staff. It’s all a matter of working efficiently, and taking advantage of the latest inbound marketing techniques provided by Flowbird's suite of marketing automation tools.

Email Marketing

Keeping in touch with contacts is crucial if you want to create a loyal customer base, and Flowbird offers a range of services to help make this happen.

Tailor Newsletters to Each Individual Client

Many businesses like to provide their customers with regular email updates about their new products, promotions and recent blog or social media postings. A well-written, informative newsletter is a great way to touch base with your clients, and to whet their appetite for your product range.

We can help to design and write newsletters that read well and draw the attention of customers. They will have snappy headlines, eye-catching openings and all of the information customers need, instead of useless content of no value to the reader.

Your newsletters won't just be attractive and readable. They will also be tightly linked to your social media presence and blogs, so that everything is connected and your content gains as much exposure as possible.

Launch Email Marketing Campaigns That Really Work

Getting through to contacts can be hard work. We are experts in converting personal information into lasting customer relationships, via well crafted and personalised email marketing campaigns.

Using our databases and automation solutions, firms can divide up their contact lists into different demographics. You can create different email campaigns for younger or older customers, divide contacts by region or according to how many purchases they have made in the past. With that information, firms can target the customers who are most likely to pay-off, and cultivate others sensitively, with a personal touch.

Make Your Customers Feel Valued

These days, successful firms are ones that master the art of communicating with their customers. They create vibrant communities that discuss their products and offer opinions. Their content is something that the community consumes eagerly, instead of simply useless spam.

That's why a streamlined social media strategy goes hand in hand with inbound marketing and email newsletters. We can make sure that your messages are synchronised with social media postings, making every communication as powerful and valuable as possible.

Implement a CRM Strategy for Smooth Customer Relations.

A key part of the challenge of creating a community is keeping in touch with your customer base. Flowbird offers a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package to do just that. With CRM processes in place, any queries can be automatically flagged up for support staff to deal with. Staff can receive automatic alerts when they need to contact key clients, and any invoices or orders will be processed efficiently.

Getting the underlying CRM processes right is essential when creating an inbound marketing campaign, and we have the experience and tools to put everything in place for your business. With the right newsletters, email messaging campaigns, social media strategy and CRM systems in place, your firm will be well placed to maximise its sales leads and turn them into sustainable revenues.