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We are a business automation consultancy with a focus on manufacturing and distribution companies. We develop workflow and automation strategies for our clients that generate leads, gather customers and retain existing customers.

 - generate leads

 - gather new customers

 - retain existing customers

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Our core focus covers three areas of your business. They are each important in their own right yet together they form part of the overall business development process. 

Lead Generation

Our online marketing activities include content and email marketing - these will automate your lead generation processes and create qualified sales leads more cost effectively.

Lead Nurturing

After a first enquiry it is important to maintain contact with the lead in order to retain their interest and lead them to closing a deal. We do this using automated marketing and by prompting your sales team to contact the leads at the appropriate times and with the relevant information. This ensures that when the prospects are ready to buy they will have your company at the forefront of their minds. 



Customer Retention 

One of the most important aspects of our work is customer retention. After working hard secure a new customer it is then vital to maintain a long term relationship with them. We monitor your customer's activities and make sure they are being dealt with in a way that allows them to be kept in contact with your company and feel like their business is appreciated.



Inbound Marketing: The Modern Marketing Method

Inbound marketing literally means bringing potential customers onto your website. With thousands of people using the internet and thousands of websites out there, you want your website with your products and services in the spotlight for your potential customers. Our inbound marketing strategy ensures this is the case for your website and makes it easy for potential customers to find YOU, not your competitors. Our inbound approach is broken down into four key elements:

Content Creation (Blogging, ebooks, Whitepapers)

Website Traffic Generation

B2B Lead Generation

Conversion of Leads to Customers

Analysis of Your Marketing Efforts and ROI


Automate Your Business with Business Process Management

Automating your business management software can improve the efficiency and profitability of your company. BPM (business process management) can be broken down into a number of different areas:

  • CRM Integration
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Workflow
  • Document Automation
  • Web Content Publishing
  • Data Services & Integration
  • Subscriptions & Requests
  • Advanced Business Alerts

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Sage 200 Integration & Automation

Sage 200 is a powerful and popular business management system. With its manufacturing and distribution modules, Sage 200 is the primary business management tool for lots of companies. However it has limited automation functionality and integration with other third party system can be difficult.

Imagine you could have seamless integration with your CRM (customer relationship management) system? How would this improve your company's profitability and effectiveness?

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Automated Reporting

One of the biggest pains for most companies is reporting. Most reports are produced on a regular schedule, however there is often a need to produce critical reports in real time.

With these two ideas in mind imagine that all of your scheduled reports were distributed on time and to the right people with no delays or excuses! Imagine also that any critical situations (low stock levels or lost sales orders) were reported as and when they happened, rather than at month end? 

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